Beauty for Breakups

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We’re just not at the same place.” For a bride-to-be, looking forward to marrying the man of her dreams in one month, these were not words I wanted to hear. However, I quickly decided if I have to go through breakup hell at least I’ll look my best.

If you are going through a breakup (or another hard time), here are a few beauty tips I’ve learned over the past few weeks. You won’t want to do any of these, but please do. They will make you feel a teeny bit better. And I promise you will be glad you did when you’re ready to go public again.

Eye Must-Haves

  1. Book hair and nail appointments ASAP. I had timed many beauty appointments around the wedding but promptly moved these up. Within a week, my hair was relaxed, colored and cut; nails and toes painted.
  2. Book beauty appointments that have downtime. Always wanted lipo? Now’s the time since no one but you will see the recovery bruises. I consulted with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon for body contouring work I want to have done. And had another Asclera leg vein treatment, likely my last, since they are nearly vanished, yay πŸ™‚
  3. Use a great eye drop, gel and concealer. Your eyes reveal the most heartache from tears and puffiness. Visine (drugstore) removes a lot of eye redness. I like Mally Beauty Eye Gel ($45 QVC, Henri Bendel) to take the puffiness away. Massaging with the metal ball is critical, results are temporary but do the trick. Mally Beauty’s Cancellation Conditioning Concealer ($35 website, Henri Bendel) smooths out under eye discoloration. I apply it down through the nostril area to cover redness in this area.
  4. Walk everyday for an hour. Split the time if you need to. I’ve heard running increases cortisol (stress level) so keep it to fast walking. Plus you’ll be overindulging in food and drinks alot, so it will make you feel less guilty.
  5. Switch to waterproof mascara (I like L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara $8.95 drugstore). Typically I don’t use waterproof mascara because it’s really hard to remove (make sure you have eye makeup remover). However, something will set you off at the most inopportune time and black ink running down your face is not pretty. You could also have a professional apply lash extensions.
  6. Splurge on beauty products you wouldn’t normally buy. It’s small, but I’m enjoying Josie Moran Argan Lip Treatment ($18 Sephora).
  7. Keep up your daily skincare routine, each step. Wash your face every night, apply treatment products, use body lotion, spritz perfume, etc. It’s really tempting to skip it. You can still go hide under the covers, but please do so with a clean, treated face πŸ™‚

Josie Moran Argan Lip Treatment

Finally, one of my favorite tips is “Don’t Waste the Pretty.” I think it’s from a movie but can’t recall which one. To me, this saying means women of all ages, shapes and colors areΒ  so beautiful. And we shouldn’t waste our beauty on negativity. You may have to go on faith for awhile (that’s where I’m at), but try taking care of the outside and the inside will follow.

What Not to Do

  1. I’ve always wondered if I could pull off cropped honey-blond hair (hey it works for Halle Berry, why not me:-). It’s tempting to do something drastic, but save it for later (at least two months).
  2. A relaxing body massage sounds great, but for me, left too much time to think about “things” and have a meltdown in front of a stranger. Best to wait until you can really enjoy it.

Any tip you’d like to share with me? I’d love to try it.


Rita Hazan Makes the Grays Go Away

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Rita Hazan Root Concealer

I’m in serious need of a color touch-up! I’ve heard people say that hair is our most powerful accessory and right now I’m ruining my “statement” with pesky gray hairs showing 😦 Root Concealer by celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan (think a-list like JLo, Renee Zellweger) is the latest at-home color tool that temporarily covers grays in-between appointments. I picked it up at Sephora for $24 (1 oz). It comes in 4 shades: Blonde/Golden Blonde, Red/Auburn, Light Brown, Dark Brown/Black.

  • Pros: Spray covers a lot of gray hair quickly; the light brown shade blends in with my darker brown hair and looks natural (Dark Brown/Black was too dark); the slim nozzle works great for targeting strands; it stays put for a few days or until you shampoo
  • Cons: Hair is slightly dull and sticky; color transfers a bit (don’t use with your best pillow cases); there is not near enough product for the price
  • Tip: Place a comb on the part to avoid coloring the scalp — that looks weird!

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Before (l), After (r); place a comb on the part to avoid coloring the scalp

The bottom line is Rita Hazan Root Concealer is my favorite gray hair cover-up. It is the quickest, easiest and most natural looking of all the temporary hair color products I’ve tried. However, I will use it interchangeably with Roux Tween Time, because it’s only $6.99 and will last a year.

Beauty Tips in Unexpected Places

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A stack of beauty magazines and books fills my coffee table. At $5-$25 a pop, this would be a major monthly investment. That’s why I love the library! When you think of the library, beauty is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but it has many of the same bestsellers and new releases as the bookstore, at no charge. Which leaves a lot more cash to spend on beauty products πŸ™‚

Two books I have checked out now are “About Face” by Scott Barnes, creator of the Jennifer Lopez “JLo” glow, and “Sephora,” a first book of tips from the retailer. What I like about “Sephora” is it gives product suggestions along with tips. So many beauty books tell us the tips, but leave us to fend for ourselves on products to use.

Scott Barnes is all about sculpting: using contour and highlight powders and creams to bring out our best face shape. See my attempt below. Sculpting falls outside my comfort zone, but I followed Scott’s step-by-step instructions — the pictures are a huge plus — and liked the effect. My nose and cheeks are slightly more defined. It was a heavy application for everyday, but would be perfect when you want to be a dashing diva. Don’t worry, the “tiger stripes” blend seamlessly in the end. This is a book I would purchase for my permanent collection.

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