Beauty for Breakups

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We’re just not at the same place.” For a bride-to-be, looking forward to marrying the man of her dreams in one month, these were not words I wanted to hear. However, I quickly decided if I have to go through breakup hell at least I’ll look my best.

If you are going through a breakup (or another hard time), here are a few beauty tips I’ve learned over the past few weeks. You won’t want to do any of these, but please do. They will make you feel a teeny bit better. And I promise you will be glad you did when you’re ready to go public again.

Eye Must-Haves

  1. Book hair and nail appointments ASAP. I had timed many beauty appointments around the wedding but promptly moved these up. Within a week, my hair was relaxed, colored and cut; nails and toes painted.
  2. Book beauty appointments that have downtime. Always wanted lipo? Now’s the time since no one but you will see the recovery bruises. I consulted with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon for body contouring work I want to have done. And had another Asclera leg vein treatment, likely my last, since they are nearly vanished, yay ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Use a great eye drop, gel and concealer. Your eyes reveal the most heartache from tears and puffiness. Visine (drugstore) removes a lot of eye redness. I like Mally Beauty Eye Gel ($45 QVC, Henri Bendel) to take the puffiness away. Massaging with the metal ball is critical, results are temporary but do the trick. Mally Beauty’s Cancellation Conditioning Concealer ($35 website, Henri Bendel) smooths out under eye discoloration. I apply it down through the nostril area to cover redness in this area.
  4. Walk everyday for an hour. Split the time if you need to. I’ve heard running increases cortisol (stress level) so keep it to fast walking. Plus you’ll be overindulging in food and drinks alot, so it will make you feel less guilty.
  5. Switch to waterproof mascara (I like L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara $8.95 drugstore). Typically I don’t use waterproof mascara because it’s really hard to remove (make sure you have eye makeup remover). However, something will set you off at the most inopportune time and black ink running down your face is not pretty. You could also have a professional apply lash extensions.
  6. Splurge on beauty products you wouldn’t normally buy. It’s small, but I’m enjoying Josie Moran Argan Lip Treatment ($18 Sephora).
  7. Keep up your daily skincare routine, each step. Wash your face every night, apply treatment products, use body lotion, spritz perfume, etc. It’s really tempting to skip it. You can still go hide under the covers, but please do so with a clean, treated face ๐Ÿ™‚

Josie Moran Argan Lip Treatment

Finally, one of my favorite tips is “Don’t Waste the Pretty.” I think it’s from a movie but can’t recall which one. To me, this saying means women of all ages, shapes and colors areย  so beautiful. And we shouldn’t waste our beauty on negativity. You may have to go on faith for awhile (that’s where I’m at), but try taking care of the outside and the inside will follow.

What Not to Do

  1. I’ve always wondered if I could pull off cropped honey-blond hair (hey it works for Halle Berry, why not me:-). It’s tempting to do something drastic, but save it for later (at least two months).
  2. A relaxing body massage sounds great, but for me, left too much time to think about “things” and have a meltdown in front of a stranger. Best to wait until you can really enjoy it.

Any tip you’d like to share with me? I’d love to try it.


Party Lashes: Lash Extensions, Ginormous Mascara

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Big sexy lashes are all the rage! And holiday festivities are the best times to get glam with false lashes, lash extensions or super lengthening mascara — the longer the better. I tried Ginormous Mascara by Mally Beauty, while my friend and guest blog contributor Joy “got lashed” with extensions.

Lash Extensions

On a trip to Vancouver, B.C., Joy visited Noir Lash Lounge for a set of lash extensions. Noir offers 7 levels of lash personalities — such as “Perpetual Pretty” and “Addict to the Dramatic!” Joy opted for long, yet natural-looking lashes…like you’re wearing mascara but aren’t. Speaking of which, do not use mascara, oil based shadows or eye makeup remover with extensions as they release the bond.

According to Joy, her lashes looked “flawless and much better than natural” for 3 full weeks. “I was traveling so it was nice to wake up and head out the door without mascara. I loved the look and see how people can get addicted,” says Joy. I also noticed a black liner effect where the lashes meet the lid, so Joy’s eyes always looked really put-together.

When the extensions start getting brittle and stiff — about 2.5 to 3 weeks — it’s time for removal. Hold a cotton pad soaked with an oil based eye makeup remover on the lash line for several minutes. Next, carefully wipe the extensions off. You will lose some real lashes in the process, so be gentle.

Application of lash extensions at Noir Lash Lounge takes about 45 minutes for a full set and costs $75.

Wearing Mally Ginormous Mascara

Mally Ginormous Mascara

Mally Beauty’s Volumizing Mascara on QVC is a best-seller (plus a My Ray of Beauty Top 10 Must-Haves). The line added Ginormous Lash Secret Mascara earlier this year. I picked up a tube on a recent trip to the Q Studio Store. Here’s how the two compare:

  • Volumizing Mascara: Lashes are super thick and long; all day wear; some clumping
  • Ginormous Mascara: Lashes are long; all day wear; minimal clumping

The Verdict: I find myself using Ginormous for everyday because it goes on so beautifully without clumping. For party lashes, though, Volumizing Mascara is my go-to. Sets of two Volumizing or Ginormous Mascara cost about $28.

BTW, check out this link to a Mally Beauty video tip on how to apply mess-free mascara.

Cut a half-moon out of a card for mess-free mascara

Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday Sale Preview

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Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be heading out soon to a sister’s house to join 30 other family members and friends for a Thanksgiving meal. After the last bite is taken, an intense strategy session will ensue to plot our after-Thanksgiving holiday shopping. Here are a few Black Friday sales and holiday gift giving ideas I’m especially excited about this season…

Nordstrom Rack: Take 25% off any one item. While not technically a beauty item, there’s a Michael Kors motorcycle-inspired leather jacket that’s been calling (er, yelling) my name. This coupon will save me a cool $50! And when searching for great jewelry, I always first scope-out Nordstrom Rack. Sale is in-store only, print coupon to redeem at checkout.

Tarte A List at ULTA

ULTA offers blockbusters on Friday and Saturday, including this Tarte A List trio. I recently started using Tarte and really like the quality, pretty colors and long-wear.

It Cosmetics is 35% off everything online through November 30. The year 2011 introduced me to It Cosmetics and it immediately became a staple in my beauty routine. Everyday, without fail, I use the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, Bye Bye Pores finishing powder and Nail Love cuticle oil.

Smashbox: Take 20% off any purchase today through November 28. I swear by Brow Tech To-Go, another everyday must, and Limitless Eyeliner, which stays on all-day and comes with a built-in sharpener. The colors are both on-trend and wearable.

Mally Favorite Things 12 Piece Collection

Mally Beauty/QVC: Pre-order Mally’s Favorite Things 12-Piece Collection ($59.76). It is the QVC Today’s Special Value for December 9, but you can order now through this special link. I own enough Mally products to probably qualify as addicted, but unwrapping this kit would make a splendid Christmas! Packaged in three sets for gift giving to others or yourself. Mally’s QVC collections are hands-down the best value for wonderfully formulated products in all of beauty!ย 

The Mally Beauty website offers free shipping on Black Friday. I often pass on ordering less expensive beauty items online because of shipping costs, so this makes it much easier to stock up.

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