Becca Primer Triples Makeup Wear & Yurbuds Are Awesome for Workouts

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Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer

Two new favorite discoveries joined my daily routine this summer. And one trumped a long-time product love.

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

What I Love About It:

  • Applied under makeup, it extends wear by 3x. Normally my face makeup will be an oil slick after a couple of hours. Now, it feels fresh after a few hours and still shows signs of life at 6-8hrs.
  • Smoother skin. It helps fill-in pores for a smoother, more flawless appearance.
  • No breakouts. It has just 9 ingredients and zero silicones. This formula is near impossible to find in primers, BB, CC creams (trust me, I’ve searched obsessively).
  • I picked up a free sample to try at Sephora. I tested it alongside CoverFX and Nars. Hands-down, Becca performed the best at controlling oil.
Becca Swatch and Underneath Nars Tinted Moisturizer

Becca Ever-Matte Primer Swatch and Wearing Underneath Nars Tinted Moisturizer

A Few Learnings:

  • Application works best before makeup. You can dab it on top during the day for touch-ups, but feels a bit heavy. It also has a hint of a whitish cast, so isn’t great on its own.
  • Consistency is very dry. I apply closely after sunscreen, so my skin has some slip for blending. I apply and blend one section of my face at a time. If your skin is on the normal to dry side, you’ll prefer a more moisturizing primer.
  • It’s on the pricey side, though average for department store brands ($34 for 1.7 ounces). Try a sample first.

I have been using Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper for a couple of years. It’s good, but for me Becca Ever-Matte Primer is stellar!

Yurbuds Inspire Pro Earbud Headphones



If you walk, jog, hike, bike, snowboard, etc., you NEED Yurbuds Headphones ($59.99)! It is the only pair I’ve ever used that stay put in my ears. The earbuds feel comfortable, music sounds great and it controls your iPod/iPhone for hands-free operation. Plus they are water-resistant. I learned the hard way when I snowboarded with my old headphones, which got wet and then only played half a song in one ear.

Snowboarding in May at Alpental near Seattle

Snowboarding in May at Alpental Ski Resort near Seattle


Beauty for Breakups

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We’re just not at the same place.” For a bride-to-be, looking forward to marrying the man of her dreams in one month, these were not words I wanted to hear. However, I quickly decided if I have to go through breakup hell at least I’ll look my best.

If you are going through a breakup (or another hard time), here are a few beauty tips I’ve learned over the past few weeks. You won’t want to do any of these, but please do. They will make you feel a teeny bit better. And I promise you will be glad you did when you’re ready to go public again.

Eye Must-Haves

  1. Book hair and nail appointments ASAP. I had timed many beauty appointments around the wedding but promptly moved these up. Within a week, my hair was relaxed, colored and cut; nails and toes painted.
  2. Book beauty appointments that have downtime. Always wanted lipo? Now’s the time since no one but you will see the recovery bruises. I consulted with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon for body contouring work I want to have done. And had another Asclera leg vein treatment, likely my last, since they are nearly vanished, yay 🙂
  3. Use a great eye drop, gel and concealer. Your eyes reveal the most heartache from tears and puffiness. Visine (drugstore) removes a lot of eye redness. I like Mally Beauty Eye Gel ($45 QVC, Henri Bendel) to take the puffiness away. Massaging with the metal ball is critical, results are temporary but do the trick. Mally Beauty’s Cancellation Conditioning Concealer ($35 website, Henri Bendel) smooths out under eye discoloration. I apply it down through the nostril area to cover redness in this area.
  4. Walk everyday for an hour. Split the time if you need to. I’ve heard running increases cortisol (stress level) so keep it to fast walking. Plus you’ll be overindulging in food and drinks alot, so it will make you feel less guilty.
  5. Switch to waterproof mascara (I like L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara $8.95 drugstore). Typically I don’t use waterproof mascara because it’s really hard to remove (make sure you have eye makeup remover). However, something will set you off at the most inopportune time and black ink running down your face is not pretty. You could also have a professional apply lash extensions.
  6. Splurge on beauty products you wouldn’t normally buy. It’s small, but I’m enjoying Josie Moran Argan Lip Treatment ($18 Sephora).
  7. Keep up your daily skincare routine, each step. Wash your face every night, apply treatment products, use body lotion, spritz perfume, etc. It’s really tempting to skip it. You can still go hide under the covers, but please do so with a clean, treated face 🙂

Josie Moran Argan Lip Treatment

Finally, one of my favorite tips is “Don’t Waste the Pretty.” I think it’s from a movie but can’t recall which one. To me, this saying means women of all ages, shapes and colors are  so beautiful. And we shouldn’t waste our beauty on negativity. You may have to go on faith for awhile (that’s where I’m at), but try taking care of the outside and the inside will follow.

What Not to Do

  1. I’ve always wondered if I could pull off cropped honey-blond hair (hey it works for Halle Berry, why not me:-). It’s tempting to do something drastic, but save it for later (at least two months).
  2. A relaxing body massage sounds great, but for me, left too much time to think about “things” and have a meltdown in front of a stranger. Best to wait until you can really enjoy it.

Any tip you’d like to share with me? I’d love to try it.

A New Must-Have Skincare Line Just in Time for My HS Reunion

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I started with these Image Skincare products

Tonight is my 25th high school reunion. I can’t believe I’m this old! Reunions are one of those occasions where you want dewy, smooth “you haven’t aged a bit” skin. For the past 5-6 years, I’ve been a devoted fan of Dr. Patricia Wexler products. I still like the line, but it’s being edged out of my 10 Beauty Must-Haves by Image Skincare. My hairstylist recommended Image (I hadn’t heard of it before) and I’ve been using it the past few months. Almost immediately I saw a difference in my skin, a smoothness and brightness I hadn’t seen for awhile. And since I still deal with breakouts, the Medicated Acne Lotion is keeping them to a minimum (not entirely gone but better). I don’t know the science, but these products seem to contain more potent anti-aging ingredients, which is what I need now well into my 40’s.

My Image Skincare Regimen:

  • Ageless Total Facial Cleanser (morning & night)
  • Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum (morning & night)
  • Ageless Medicated Acne Lotion (spot treat as needed)
  • Ageless Total Resurfacing Mask (1-2x per week); this is my favorite product, it’s a scrub/mask combo.
  • Plus I just picked-up samples of the Vital C Anti-Aging Serum (morning; this is the line’s top rated product and has pharmaceutical grade anti-oxidants) and Ageless Total Repair Cream (night)

Check out the Image website for product ingredients and percentages. The only bummer is you cannot purchase from the site and it isn’t easy to find. It’s sold at spas and dermatology offices, such as Salon Divas and Polyclinic Dermatology in Seattle (they provide generous .25oz free samples to try before buying). There are also some online vendors. The price point is moderate at around $30 per item. I find a little goes a long way, so full-sizes should last several months.

Day of the HS Reunion

We’ll I’m off to the reunion festivities!

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