Special Occasion Lashes from a Mascara

May 25, 2013 at 1:05 am | Posted in Makeup | 2 Comments
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Deluxe Sample from Nordstrom Chanel Counter

Deluxe Sample from Nordstrom Chanel Counter

“Special Occasion Lashes” from a mascara!? At the recommendation of my hair stylist, I tried Chanel LeVolume Mascara. It’s my new holy grail mascara…even beating out Mally’s (which I’ve used for years). Chanel LeVolume Mascara is pricey ($30), but it won’t disappoint. I was skeptical (after all, the “special” claim came from the counter rep), so started with a deluxe sample from Nordstrom. From the first swipe, I was hooked…lashes were long, voluminous and lasted all day.

With just one coat of Chanel LeVolume Mascara Before (l), After (r)

With just one coat of Chanel LeVolume Mascara. With eye makeup, it’s even more dramatic! Before (l), After (r)

On Saturday, May 25 (only this day), Nordstrom is hosting Mascara Madness: Buy 2 Get One Free. Go in with a friend and it brings the cost down to $20 per tube. You can even mix and match colors, or other brands, if you wish. The special price is online and in-stores.



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  1. I agree! Chanel LeVolume Mascara produces dramatic “wow” results. Everyday I’ve worn it I’ve received compliments on my eyes – even a “you have beautiful eyes” from a stranger on the street. This has never happend before – is it the mascara? or just that Chicago men are more observant 🙂

    • I bet it’s both your amazing lashes and the appreciative Chicago men 🙂

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