New for Detox Dieters: Check Out “The Plan” Book

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The Plan Book

Happy New Year!!! I’m really looking forward to a 2013 full of love, success, forgiveness and fun. Oh, and a few less pounds. What about you? I truly hope all your dreams come true this year.

Indulgence was my mantra during the holidays and now I can stand to lose 5 pounds. My go-to resource has been the Detox Diet, inspired by The Plan developed by nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas. I’ve completed the 3-day “cleanse” a few times over the past year (love the anti-inflammatory carrot soup). The principle is that certain foods can be toxic and trigger bloating, weight gain and premature aging.

Read about my first Detox Diet experience. And the second time around. You’ll also see feedback from Lyn-Genet, her expert staff and other readers.

Earlier today I was talking with my co-workers about collectively starting the Detox Diet to kick-off 2013. While researching new recipes I discovered Lyn-Genet Recitas just launched a book called “The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Fat–and Lose Weight Fast.” It is a 20-day program designed for the individual body and based on the same principle of food-related inflammation. Purchase it on Amazon ($14.97 Hardcover/$11.04 Kindle). Reviews are excellent. I’m really excited to read the book and try it out.

I am a huge fan of Lyn-Genet, along with many of you who have posted your success stories (thank you for sharing). Way to go Lyn-Genet! Best wishes on the book.

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  1. Let me know what you think. I saw the book earlier today and put it on hold at the library, it will be awhile, 26 people are ahead of me.

  2. Wow, that’s a long wait! By then I’d have double the pounds to lose, haha 🙂

  3. So great to hear from you! Sorry have been super busy but I know my colleague Dr Katie was able to pop by, say hi and answer a few questions. Pls email me so we can catch up, would love to send
    some books to you for your wonderful fan base. All of us here at The Plan love your work. Email me or Maggie when you get a chance. Xo L happy new year!

    • Much appreciation for your message! Yes, Dr. Katie has been a very helpful resource. I will email you to coordinate the books, I am certain they will be put to good use by me and blog readers!

  4. For the last two days, my weight lose has stopped. I lose six ponds the first four days. I have followed the plan and have not lose any or gain any weight the last three days. Help!

    • Hi Clara! This is Dr. Katie– Day 4 is a big test for goat cheese (entry into dairy) and it sounds like you may have had a reactive response to it which is why weight stalled– have you included dairy the past few days in the menu? I would go back to a nice, healing day for you (like days 2 or 3) to re-set and then start back with testing– you can always repeat day 4 to re-test the cheese if you aren’t sure if it’s a problem for you!

  5. Does anyone know if the dandelion and peppermint tea count as our water consumption for the day since she said not to go over your water requirements as it can do damage as well? I’m starting the Plan today and any response would be appreciated.

  6. Maggie (Lynn’s assistant) got back to me on the dandelion and peppermint tea and they do count towards our water consumption. I started the plan yesterday and had the worst headache ever so I had to take Excedrin since I had to work, my stomach was really feeling it with all of the vegetables and water and I did get stomach cramps too. I didn’t feel hungry and I really wanted to skip dinner but I didn’t and when I weighed myself this morning I was down 1.4 lbs, this is really a cleanse!!! There are a couple of other things I have had to ask Maggie such as the mention of wine on day 4 but she said to wait until day 5 but didn’t say how much or often we could drink it. I also wanted to know if microwave rice was ok to use but I didn’t want to bother her again so I just cooked some and I also ordered a shredder that is semi automatic since shredding carrots and beets is not fun and is time consuming. I did love the beet and carrot salad and I thought I hated beets. Can’t wait to step on the scale in the morning. This is difficult to do when you work the night shift but I think it will be worth it. Since I get all of my water in before going to work, I am unable to drink any at work and sometimes I’m really thirsty.

    • Hi Liz! I’m sorry to hear about the detox symptoms– after the rice tonight you should notice that any remaining detox symptoms improve a lot (microwaved brown or basmati rice is totally fine as long as no added sodium!). Good luck as you continue your journey!!

      • Hi Katie,
        Thank you for your reply. I am trying to plan ahead and I am doing the thyroid plan since I tested hypo. On day 8 it states to have cheese but what kind of cheese should I be having? I work nights and once the 3 day cleanse is done I am going to rotate it to fit my 12 hour shift as if on days but since I have been digesting this stuff should I need to be close to the bathroom if I do this? It’s difficult to take bathroom breaks as it is but when my stomach cramps and tells me to go I don’t want to put any lives in jeopardy by leaving for 10 minutes (I’m a nurse). Any help appreciated here. Dr. Katie, you didn’t mention how often or how much wine.

        • Hi Liz,

          Goat cheese is the best to use (is the least reactive) until you’ve independently tested well on cow’s cheese. If you can start days 1 and 2 (if you haven’t already) on a non-work day that’s often the least stressful! After the 1st 1-2 detox days you should have no trouble at work as the body will have had time to adjust to the veggie fiber!
          -Dr. K

  7. Day two was successful with a 0.8 lb weight loss. I only had a few cramps and was so full it was really difficult to eat all of the food. I had to work from 11pm to 6 am and I had about 1 oz of water, and I resisted pizza which is one of my favorites with little effort. when I got home in the morning I weighed myself and had only gone down 0.2 but after I slept for a few hours, got up and re-weighed myself I was down by 0.8 from the day before so I recorded this as my weight loss and not the 0.2. Had to make the vegetable soup and it does take a lot of preparation but it came out really good and I have sooo much of it. I don’t know how i’m going to switch doing this to night shift and back to day shift for my work schedule.

  8. Dr. Katie if your out there please let me know how I could have gained 0.6 back on day 3 of the plan. I ate everything I was supposed to but woke up with a terrible headache around midnight so I took an Excedrin with a sip of water. Do you think it is the chicken or the water? I am having chicken again today so we will see what the scale says in the morning.

    • Hi Liz,

      Were you doing day 3 from the book menu or from our winter menus? There is a test both days (from the book it is chickpeas and from the winter menus it is potato)– with a gain and headache you were definitely reactive to whichever food you tested! Sorry for the delay in replies and let me know if this makes sense. Chicken definitely doesn’t look reactive for you since you did well with it the following day 🙂
      -Dr. K

      • Dr. Katie,
        I am on the thyroid book menu. Day four down 0.8, day 5 down 1.2, day six down 0.4 but then day seven after potato chips up 0.4 and went on to day 8 which upset my stomach but was down 0.4 in the morning. Day 9 I went up by 0.2 and it was a rest day and I ate everything I was supposed to and added a little carrot ginger soup since my stomach was still upset from day eight. I am going to take a rest day today and re-do day 5 since it was a good one and see what happens. Any other helpful tips would be appreciated. The protein I chose was egg and that didn’t upset my stomach.

  9. This is too weird because on day 4 I had chicken just like on day 3, I ate cheese, chocolate and wine and I accidentally drank an extra 8 0z. of water to compensate for the 4 oz. of wine that I had and this morning when I woke up I was down by 0.8. I don’t get it!!! What could explain the weight gain from the day before as I posted on the 24th? Thanks

  10. Does anyone know of a detox soup that I can substitue for the carrot? Even with every herb I could find, and a lot of ginger, It is so sweet it gags me and makes me want to vomit. – Debbie

    • The carrot soup is my favorite…I use more onion, pepper and garlic, less ginger, it tastes spicy not as sweet.

  11. So I’m at Day 2 past lunch time. Weight this morning was 2.6 lbs less than yesterday morning. I just wonder if it’s from hardly eating anything! I didn’t think I was THAT bad of a cook but everything I’ve made so far turned out terrible. I just can’t eat it… Kind of frustrated because I spent all this money. I don’t like spicy food so maybe I’ll just leave those out. Definetely not liking the “legendary” coco sauce!

  12. hmm. Everything was fine until this afternoon (Day #4). Bloated feeling/tight pants! The only thing different I had today was coffee with half&half this morning (as recommended in the book). How long after ingesting a reactive food would the symptoms need to appear for the food to be considered “reactive”? Could it have been the sea salt I had with the roasted veggies last night? But that seems to long ago…. so many questions re this Plan! 🙂

  13. Can I drink almond milk instead of rice or coconut milk?

  14. My husband and I started the plan today. We followed plan strictly. He is now extremely gassy and nauseous, almost throwing up. It started with a bad headache, which we knew would be normal. Could this be a detox reaction?

    • Oh no, that sounds awful! I’m not sure about the reaction, but hoping others will give feedback.

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