A Solution for Dry Hair with an Oily Scalp

September 18, 2011 at 10:33 am | Posted in Hair | Leave a comment
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Hair One and Enjoy (new packaging)

I have extremely dry hair, yet my scalp is oily. If I wash with a shampoo for oily hair my tresses become straw-like. So, I’ve always used shampoo for dry hair, even though it meant my scalp never felt really clean and quickly became greasy and itchy.

Watching Chaz Dean present his Wen line on QVC recently, he suggested using Cucumber Aloe Shampoo ($28 for 16 oz) on the scalp for its astringent properties, and a more conditioning shampoo on the strands. An aha moment!

I’ve used Wen and like it, but wanted immediate gratification without waiting for product shipping. Sally Beauty Supply sells a dupe line Hair One (about half the price at $11.99 for 12 oz), so I tried it. I lather up with the Cucumber Aloe all around the scalp: crown, back and nape. Without rinsing, I apply Enjoy Hydrating or Luxury Shampoo to the hair.

Amazing! My scalp feels so clean, yet my hair is still conditioned. It does add a second step but is totally worth it.

Comparing the two lines, I think Wen products perform better than Hair One, but not dramatically different if you’re on a budget and/or want to try it right away.


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