The Detox Diet: Round 2

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Columbia County Flax Granola

Shortly after I completed MORE magazine’s Detox Diet, I heard from the creator Lyn-Genet Recitas. She informed me that I had eaten the wrong granola, it should have been oat-free. My reaction was two-fold: 1) Cool! Lyn is giving me advice, and 2) Darn! Now I have to do the cleanse again.

MORE magazine has since updated the diet to read oat-free granola, but initially it didn’t specify. See the Detox Diet here.

Read my first experience with the Detox Diet here. Be sure to view the comments as Lyn shares an optional Detox Diet with a few seasonal updates. Plus there are helpful questions and answers (e.g., can you drink coffee?).

Here’s my journal for the Detox Diet Round 2 (this is the version Lyn posted in my blog comments)…lessons learned are at the end

Pre-Day 1: Saturday

I’m relaxed, not anxious at all. I stop by a small farmers market to purchase the fruits and veggies needed for the diet. Good call, because it is way less expensive than the specialty grocer, only about $10.

Day 1: Sunday

Breakfast: I eat Columbia County Cranberry Walnut Flax Granola (highly recommended by Lyn). This is an acquired taste because my initial reaction is “ewww, it’s bland.” But by Day 3, I’m looking forward to it and will continue to eat it on a regular basis.

Afternoon: I’m hungry for the first time today, but not nearly as ravenous as the first round, more of a dull ache. Thank goodness for the snack.

Dinner: I feel good! Dessert would be nice, but I can live without it.

Day 2: Monday

Breakfast & Lunch: I must be eating the right amount of food because I’m not super hungry or overly full — it’s a nice light balance.

Afternoon: I have a headache and am a bit light-headed. Unfortunately, it sticks around for a couple of days.

Day 3: Tuesday

Morning: Lost 1.5 pounds! Not scale-shattering, but I’ll take it 🙂

Lunch: The carrot soup is quite good, its got a spicy kick to it.

Dinner: This is a tasty dinner! The chicken with herbs is flavorful. I would eat this meal on an ongoing basis.

Carrot Ginger Soup -- it tastes much better than it looks

Lessons Learned

  • The Detox Diet Round 2 was a much better experience than the first time. Other than the headache, I felt fine all three days. Reasons could be that the flax granola was more filling, the food choices (i.e. vegetables) weren’t such a shock to my system, or I just wasn’t as big of a baby. Maybe a combination of all three?
  • I didn’t lose as much weight the second time, but perhaps because I’d recently cleansed, I didn’t have as much inflammation
  • It’s easier to detox at home over a weekend. The first time I detoxed during the work week, thinking that would distract from hunger. But with the food prep, and needing to tote ingredients to the office, it was more convenient to be at home.
  • My biggest takeaway is the carrot ginger soup. Lyn calls this “the anti-inflammatory” and suggests preparing extra batches to eat as needed when you’re “reactive.” This is one easy step to follow!
  • Will I ever do the Detox Diet again? You bet, I can see myself periodically “cleansing.” My body feels noticeably better afterwards and it’s nice to lose a couple of pounds.


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  2. I did the cleanse for 4 days and lost 5 pounds! I felt great and thought it was pretty easy. Then, the weekend arrived and went out to dinner with friends 2 nights in a row. Drank a little too much wine so then didn’t eat as well the next day…I gained it all back ;( So, I’m back on again today. I also really like the carrot soup and the carrot/beet salad. I too had a major headache on Day 2 and Day 3. I did not like the flax granola so am having rice cereal with fresh blueberries for bfast. I’m realizing my body does not like dairy products which, of course, I love! I’ve taken greek yogurt out of my diet and feel less bloated and burpy (sorry for too much info). I’m also realizing I’m a little addicted to salt. That’s been the hardest to live without. Anyway, glad to hear your second cleanse went well. Great website and thanks for doing the cleanse with me 😉

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Your results were fabulous and it’s great you discovered what works for your body. I’ve been trying to incorporate some foods from the Detox Diet on an ongoing basis to keep the pounds off and feeling good. So far it’s working. I hear ya on the dinners out, that’s a favorite indulgence of mine as well, but it’s nice to have the diet to come back to.

  3. Thanks for all the info–very helpful! 2 questions before I try it—must I give up my diet pepsi? (I cannot, to be honest.) How much milk is allowed with the morning granola? Thanks again!

    • I appreciate you reading and taking the time to write! Milk is shown on the “Reactive Foods List” (developed by Lyn) as 50% reactive, so I’m guessing it’s a “no-no.” Most of the foods on the Detox Diet are at 5%-10% reactive. Here’s a link to a list of common foods:

      I’m a diet soda addict, so I feel your pain on not giving it up, even for a few days. This is just my opinion, not speaking for Lyn at all, but it seems like you would still benefit from trying the diet, even if you still drink the soda.

      • Okay, I’m about to embark on the 3 day detox diet – although there is a HUGE waiting list now for Lyns attention, her people still managed to email me immediately with a recipe and menu list – how great is that?
        My plan is to follow the detox plan and then incorporate the recipes & avoidance advice into my everyday life thereafter.
        Just one question: what percentage are we aiming for? Should we be trying to aim for food with, say, 50% Reactive and less, as an ideal?
        Vanessa – Melbourne, Australia

        • Agree, Lyn and her team are wonderful! I hope Lyn will also answer your question, it’s a very good one. My understanding of the reactive foods list is that each person is “chemically unique” and reacts differently to food. On average, foods lower on the reactive list are better, but not necessarily, it depends on the person. So, I think it’s trial and error versus a minimum percentage, but that’s just my non-expert opinion. Personally, I have been incorporating many of the 20% and less foods, but have eaten some 85% and still feel good and am keeping the weight off. Good luck with the diet and let us know how you do!

  4. I have my list for the grocery store, am starting the 3-day detox diet tomorrow. I found Bakery on Main brand Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola. It has no oats, and says Gluten & Wheat free, low in sodium. I found it at Walmart. I hope this is ok. Its all I could find without ordering on internet and I wanted to get started (have been putting it off for 3 wks) / : So, I guess the deal is, that no on really knows what to do after the 3rd day unless you buy into Lyn’s program?? I knew about this through my sister in the MORE magazine. So, Im confused as to what to do after the 3-day. Any help??

    • Thanks for the product tip, it sounds like a good find! I believe you can buy a “maintenance” plan from Lyn to implement after day 3. However I’ve found that by incorporating some of the detox foods in my regular diet I feel better and the few pounds I lost have stayed-off. Good luck on the diet!

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