3 Beauty Aha Moments

May 18, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Anti-Aging, Makeup, Skincare | 1 Comment
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Did you know there's an Elizabeth Arden signature red tulip? I didn't either until I spotted it at the Skagit Tulip Festival this spring!

Just when I think I know it all about beauty, I realize there is so much to learn. Here are 3 recent beauty aha’s…

1. Squeeze Product Tubes Before Opening. You know how some products clump in the tip? So when you open the cap, the first quarter-inch is hard and unusable? Or the clump fires across the room followed by half the contents because you squeezed too hard? Too Faced Shadow Insurance is one of the worst violators! But when I squeeze the tube first – with the lid still on — product emerges perfectly smooth. Amazing!

Squeeze tube near the tip

Tip from QVC Beauty Forumone of the best sources for tried and true beauty advice – these women know their stuff

2. Lipgloss Attracts Damaging Sunrays. In all seriousness, I thought applying lipgloss acted like a barrier — protecting it from the sun. How dumb am I, right? To the contrary, lipgloss attracts damaging sun rays (like sunbathing slathered in baby oil). Now, I make sure I have sun protection on underneath the gloss (MAC Lip Conditioner in clear or tinted is fantastic) or use a lip color with built-in SPF. BTW, opaque lipstick does offer some sun protection, but it is still best to wear over sunscreen.

Tip from one of the many beauty magazines I read on a plane the past couple of weeks. I just can’t remember which one, ugh!

3. Wear Sunscreen Indoors. My first reaction to this tip was it must be a paid spot by a sunscreen manufacturer. But it makes sense. UVA rays – the kind that cause skin to wrinkle and sag — are transmitted through glass. I knew to apply sunscreen before riding in a car, but it never occurred to me this also included office buildings with lots of windows, like mine. Hmmm, this will take some getting used to!

Tip from Oprah.com. I will sorely miss her show! Yes, she encourages us to live better lives, but I am most inspired by how beautiful and more youthful she looks each year. Doesn’t she?

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