You Gotta Try This If You Have Oily Skin

March 29, 2011 at 9:22 pm | Posted in Makeup, Skincare | 3 Comments
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I am not easily impressed with skincare products for oily skin, especially ones that promise “shine free for 6 hours.” But Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish is darn close to a miracle product!

According to the website, Shine Stopper is “clinically proven to keep skin perfectly matte for at least 6 hours.” My super oily skin didn’t make it quite this long — I had some shine breakthrough by the 6 hour mark — but waaay less than normal. It contains a patented microsponge technology to keep “oil in check.” There should be an award for something this amazing!

Product Swatch

The consistency is a light cream which feels powdery dry when applied. It goes on clear — zero white residue like many anti-shine products. Guys, this also means you can wear it with no telltale signs.

Instructions say Shine Stopper works best under makeup — versus as a touch-up — and I agree. I tried using it over makeup to absorb the oily breakthrough with mediocre success.

Other product claims are “minimize the appearance of pores” and “increases makeup staying power.” Not so much. But I’m so impressed with the diminished oil that I still love it!

Shine Stopper is available online, a 1-ounce tube is $21.95. Paula’s Choice offers a 60 day money back guarantee.



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  1. Seems impressive! This could serve helpful in the male community as well I would imagine. Maybe I’ll try and get my hands on it!

  2. It’s worth a try, especially with the money back guarantee.

  3. […] machine. Pores are diminished and it keeps my skin mattified for hours (especially if I also use Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper). Bye Bye Pores claims to work for all skin tones, though I find it gives a whitish cast on darker […]

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