3 Things I Learned This Week

February 24, 2011 at 1:31 pm | Posted in Fitness, Hair, Makeup, QVC | Leave a comment
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1. The Golden Touch. Too Faced Shadow Insurance in new Candlelight ($18) doubles beautifully as an “all around the eye” illuminator: inner corner, underneath, lid to brow. The gold shimmer gives a wash of color without being too much. And it still keeps your shadow in place for hours…as good as the original formula.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight

Shadow Insurance Candlelight around eye

2. A Shower Cap is a Rarely Used Beauty Find. Browsing “how to get great hair” books at Barnes & Noble (with a Groupon burning a hole in my pocket), I was reminded that water sucks moisture out of hair. I’ve long been a fan of shower caps, but a poll of family and friends (who shall remain nameless) indicated a lot of non-use. A shower cap is an easy way to keep hair hydrated and preserve style, which also means less heat required from the blow dryer. All for about 30 cents! Based on a 10 pack of clear plastic caps at Sally Beauty Supply for $2.99, which will easily last for a year.

Rotary Torso Machine

3. The Rotary Torso is My New Favorite Exercise at the gym. And P90x will kick your butt (maybe this is 4 things). One of my New Year’s resolutions was upping the fitness routine, so I’ve been trying different things. I spotted the Nautilus Rotary Torso ab machine hiding in the corner of the gym and hopped on (while no one was looking, ‘cuz it looks intimidating). It hits the obliques, or love handles, like nobody’s business! And it’s actually really easy to use.

I like working out at a gym, but if you want to get in shape at home, or add arsenal to your routine, I have no doubt P90x can get you in the best shape ever. The high intensity commercials have both frightened and intrigued me for quite a while. I finally tried it last night at my sisters and my body is feeling it today. But in that good, I worked out really hard way. QVC offers a P90x value set of 12 workout DVDs with resistance band for $130.

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