Showing Love to Beauty Bloggers

February 14, 2011 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Makeup, Skincare | Leave a comment

Happy Valentines Day! To celebrate, I’m spreading love for my favorite beauty bloggers. For me to love a blog, the author must give real opinions and show how products look on the face. It takes courage, but is soooo much more helpful to me as a potential buyer than just product shots. Personally, I don’t understand beauty bloggers who don’t show their faces…how are you supposed to know how a product looks on? I also don’t care for blogs that are overly commercial and have lots of ads (I’ll visit these sites on occasion, but categorize these more like a magazine).

Gouldylox Reviews: My all-time favorite beauty blog! Kelly reviews makeup and skincare with authenticity and close-up photos of herself wearing said items. Like me, she is also concerned with anti-aging, so there’s a grown-up aspect to the blog. But she also covers fun, hip products for a youthful balance. We both like Mally Beauty and QVC, so that’s extra points in her column.

Temptalia: If you are a makeup junkie and MAC fanatic, this blog is for you. It is extremely comprehensive: seems to cover every product on the market using a grading scale, offers step-by-step tutorials, gives the scoop on sales, has terrific photos and much more. Check out the product dupe tool to find less expensive versions or a replacement for a discontinued item.

Beauty Broadcast: A YouTube channel featuring the best drugstore makeup, brushes and skincare. Drugstores are hard to shop for beauty because you can’t test it out. Beauty Broadcast shops for us and fills us in on the best finds! Host Emily Noel’s day job is a news anchor, which makes for an easy-to-watch delivery.

Kandee Johnson: The wannabe makeup artist in me spends far too much time on this YouTube channel. Kandee does the most amazing makeup — from everyday to sexy to costume. I see why she’s a top Hollywood makeup artist in real life. Her fun, zany personality makes watching makeup videos entertaining. If you are a new mom (or just in a hurry), check out today’s post on “The Fastest Makeup.”

Joey’s Place: One of the coolest things about blogging is there is no geographic border. I follow bloggers all over the world and vice-versa. Based in Singapore, Joey’s Place is a lifestyle blog that includes makeup, along with fashion, travel, and more. The “Looks” section takes my breath away — such beautiful makeup applications, wonderfully photographed. I’ve run out to purchase more than a few products after seeing Joey’s review.

WWD Beauty Biz: If you are into the business of beauty, this is a must-read. A subscription is required to view full articles.

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