To Me, From Me: An In-Home Spa Day

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With 6 more weeks of winter (the local groundhog prediction), what a perfect time for an in-home spa experience. Head-to-toe pampering is also good preparation for a romantic Valentines Day evening, mmm hmmm.

Lisa Hoffman Valentines Day Collection

Start with the ambiance. In an earlier post I wrote about Lisa Hoffman bath products smelling wonderfully sensual, just like a high end spa. The company sent me a new to the line candle to review with the same gorgeous Madagascar Orchid scent. I catch myself saying a lot of, “What smells so good?” Aha, the candle. When lit, it crackles like a wood fire to add to the spa mood. Lisa Hoffman has a Valentines Day special set with the candle, perfume oil and a semi-precious Agate coaster for $38 (a $65 value).

Light the candle and begin pampering yourself. Here are my favorite at-home spa treatments:

  1. Deep Condition Hair with Davines Vegetarian Miracle or Enjoy Hair Mask; leave it on for the next couple of hours
  2. Apply a Facial Mask; I like Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask – it stays creamy and leaves my skin super soft
  3. Do a Pedicure: A Microplane or Pedi-Egg is a must to slough-off rough heels; use the facial mask on feet after sloughing (I put plastic grocery bags on my feet so I can put them up and not get goop on the furniture); rinse and finish with a thick layer of lotion and socks
  4. Dig-in to a Spa Inspired Meal with a refreshing glass of ice water with cucumber slices. Lately I’ve been into Steak Salads. Marinate lean steak in lemon juice, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. For a twist, stuff salad ingredients into a whole wheat pita.

Aaahhh! You’ll feel relaxed and beautiful.

Photo from Lisa Hoffman Beauty website


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