A Tale with Two Outcomes

January 24, 2011 at 6:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Sluggish after a late night, she walks to the kitchen for a tall glass of Diet Coke on the rocks. Despite living in the coffee capital of the world, cola is her caffeine of choice to wake up in the morning. Hearing the freezer door open, Gavin runs up beside her and meows, hoping to engage in a game of football/hockey with an ice cube.

In honor of football Sunday, she hurls the ice across the room with the oomph of a starting quarterback and starts towards the computer. She has big plans for updating her beauty blog. Gavin chases after the ice, sliding across the floor. But wait! Horror of all horrors!!! Somehow, when the ice cube went flying through the air, so did her glass of Diet Coke. Right onto her laptop. The new one, with all the bells & whistles that she found in a once-in-a-lifetime deal (ala camping out all night for a Black Friday sale). Breathe, girl, breathe! If only she’d given up Diet Coke for New Years, that artificial sweetener is bad! C’mon, deep breaths.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details, cuz it ain’t pretty and there’s no happy ending. As much as I wish this were my attempt at fiction, it is the true story of my weekend.  So, what’s a blogger to do without a computer?  I’m begging and borrowing others, and I hear access is free at the library. 🙂

In any horrific situation, there’s always a silver lining, right? Well, I went makeup shopping to drown my sorrows and discovered a Chanel Enigma dupe that is spot on and 1/10th the price and a lip tint that made my lips so soft I had to smile through the tears.

I’ll post these beauty finds this week. And stay tuned for the bigger blog updates, the ones I never got to on Sunday. I think you’ll like what’s coming.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. […] through Rite Aid last week (licking my wounds after a computer meltdown — literally), I spotted a display of seasonal NYC New York Color eyeshadows and immediately […]

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