Fa La La, I Got A Second Vi Peel For Christmas

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View day-by-day accounts of my Vi Peel #1 experience: Days 1&2, Days 3&4, Results

Each year for Christmas, my mom gives me and 4 siblings money to spend on whatever we want. So many beauty choices, but I knew all my holiday cash was going one place, a Vi Peel! I had a first Vi Peel in October and knew to take full advantage I needed a second one while my skin was still “fresh.” Although the first round wasn’t miraculous, I also knew it would probably take 2-4 peels to see a reduction in my brown spots and melasma (and you know this is an obsession). This time I went to the Kirkland Laser Treatment Center, which was offering a Vi Peel special at $200 (normally $300-$400). I’d been there before for dermatologist appointments and the staff is up on the latest cosmetic procedures, so I was totally comfortable.

Stay tuned for the results!

The Vi Peel #2 Experience

  • The peel application process gave me much less anxiety and it didn’t sting as much, perhaps this is because I was more relaxed knowing what to expect
  • The peel liquid that is left on the skin for several hours didn’t irritate me near as much as the first time
  • My skin stayed “sunburnt” for two days. The first round, redness disappeared within a few hours.
  • Peeling skin started on day 3 around the chin area and moved out to the hairline, exactly the same journey as the first time
  • The level of peeling skin increased — more of it and it came off in deeper layers
  • I was “down” for a week with noticeable peeling for 7 days, longer than the first time by about two days; I timed the peel around days-off, but still had a couple of work days and trips to the store that elicited “ewww” responses (plus one “that’s creepy” comment) 🙂

The Week in Pictures

Part of me is downright mortified to show you these, but when I decided to start a blog about my beauty adventures I promised myself I would “keep it real,” so here goes…

Before appointment

Immediately after peel

Vi Peel Day 2

Vi Peel Day 3

Vi Peel Day 4

Vi Peel Day 5

Vi Peel Day 6


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