Holiday Gifts 2010: Professional Hair Tools

December 10, 2010 at 12:55 pm | Posted in Hair | 1 Comment
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CHI Flat Iron and Solano Hair Dryer

I’m traveling this week and the hotel has a budget brand hair dryer that dries hair fine but doesn’t leave the same silky smooth finish as a professional model (even though it has the same wattage). This morning, I borrowed my sister-in-law’s Solano Professional Hair Dryer (she lives nearby with my brother) and what am amazing difference!    

Professional hair tools are pricey and might not fit your budget, so what a perfect item for your Christmas wish list!

I don’t own a Solano, but now I really really want one. I went the T3 route (another professional line) and honestly don’t like it as much. The Solano is a favorite of stylists and I hear they last for years. It is heavier, though, than many dryers so be prepared to give your arm a workout, which isn’t all bad 🙂 A “lite” model is also available.

Luckily my CHI Flat Iron fits in my suitcase. Over the years I’ve used several other flat irons (drugstore and professional), but am most happy with the CHI. It features tourmaline ceramic plates and seems to get my hair the straightest And the rounded edges mean you can also flip, curl and spiral your hair.

Tip: Wipe the flat iron with a dry towel after each use. The plates will stay clean and smooth for years!

Solano and CHI are available at ULTA and many other beauty suppliers and online retailers such as Amazon. The Solano hair dryers retail at $120-$140. CHI flat irons sell for about $100 and I’ve seen them on occasion at Nordstrom Rack and Costco for $70-$80.


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