My VI Peel Experience: The Results

November 5, 2010 at 7:00 am | Posted in Anti-Aging, Skincare | 2 Comments
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It’s been a week since I had the VI Peel. The peeling process lasted until day 6, working from the center of the face out to the hairline (I’m still finding flakes).

The Verdict: Results aren’t as miraculous as I’d hoped, though there is some improvement.

Good News First. My skin is a bit more smooth, clarified and luminous, especially around the cheeks and chin. To the touch, it is much softer. The oiliness is diminished (one blot sheet per day versus two), though I wonder if this is just temporary.

What I Wish Was Better. The big hope I had for the VI Peel was to erase hyper-pigmentation all over the face and the melasma on my forehead. Can’t say I see a difference. I learned prior to the procedure that dark spots are the hardest to treat and often require 2-3 treatments.

A friend had the VI Peel at the same time and I definitely notice her skin is more even toned…for example, mistakenly assuming she was wearing foundation when she was bare faced.

I’d like to try a second VI Peel, but with my mixed results a Groupon-type special is required. I need to decide soon, while my skin is still “anew,” which means a deeper exfoliation because the top layer is gone and potentially improved results.

VI Peel Day 7

VI Peel Day 2



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