My VI Peel Experience: Days 1 & 2

October 29, 2010 at 4:45 pm | Posted in Anti-Aging, Skincare | 3 Comments
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I’ve been interested in having a chemical peel for a long time (the stronger type done at doctor offices)… a last-ditch effort to help combat hyper-pigmentation, including melasma (just check out my blogs close-up pics for proof). Only recently, though, have peels come to market that are safe for darker skin tones.

The VI Peel is medium strength and can be used on all skin types and ethnicities. It is also relatively painless and quicker to heal than other peels (about 7 days). The powerful cocktail of acids and vitamins promises to erase a variety of skin issues including hyper-pigmentation. One peel is supposed to make a noticeable change, especially with fine lines, however 2-3 may be needed to remove more challenging dark spots.

Thanks to a Groupon special (love the flash sale sites), the VI Peel also became affordable at Seattle Medical Aesthetics.

Day One. The VI Peel is applied in two steps: two layers of the same ingredients, a few minutes apart. There is a burning, prickly sensation. It’s uncomfortable, but dissipates within a few minutes. My face immediately turned red and felt dry and tight like a sunburn. The areas with active blemishes (on my chin) turned white.


Immediately After Applying the VI Peel

I left the doctor’s office with the peel still on (this felt weird). Over the next 4 hours, the peel’s active chemicals naturally diminished. The peel is sticky, which I really noticed when I used my cell phone and the keypad stuck.

Two Hours Later. My face feels hot, it doesn’t hurt but you really want it to go away. It also has a chemical smell, along the lines of the hair or nail salon. I am still slightly reddish tan but not where other people notice. I ran into a coworker and mentioned just getting a peel and she couldn’t tell, other than my mouth wasn’t moving as widely (that tightness).

After 4 Hours. I gently washed my face and applied a take home “peel pad,” a milder version of the peel that encourages the peeling process.

Day Two. The burning sensation is totally gone. Now, my face just feels REALLY dry and tight, so I’m moisturizing alot. There is also a slight sheen to the skin. The sunburned color is still evident, though much less so. I apply the second peel pad before bed.


Vi Peel Day Two

The peeling process is supposed to start tomorrow and last a few days. Just in time to scare the trick-or-treaters on Halloween 🙂


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