Grow Long Eyelashes with a $20 Donation and LATISSE

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My friend Joy is using LATISSE, the prescription eyelash enhancer, this is her story…


I’ve used LATISSE for 12 weeks now and I must say my lashes are significantly longer and thicker. Now, my naked lashes make me look like I am wearing mascara and when I put on mascara, wow my eyes really pop! I started noticing the change after about 8 weeks, especially when putting on mascara, there were just more little lashes to coat creating noticeable thickness that was not there before.

Comments from friends:

  • “Did you get eyelash extensions?”
  • “What did you do to your eyes?” this is a common one
  • “Are you using LATISSE?”
  • “Wow, it totally changes the way your face looks, you should keep using it.”

After 12 weeks of LATISSE

As for ease of use, this product takes the least effort of any beauty regime or product out there – about 10 seconds total each night before bed. Just brush a drop of the product along your lash line with small applicator brush provided and you’re done. Watch the how-to apply video here.

I was prompted to start using the product by a Make-A-Wish Foundation promotion – LATISSE Wishes Challenge. Donate as little as $20 to Make-A-Wish and you’re provided with a certificate for a full size bottle, about a 3 month supply. You will need to get a doctor’s prescription for the product, but my general practitioner was happy to do this for me.

Side effects I’ve experienced:

  • Slight darkening of the skin on my eyelids – this is apparently a common side effect and makes me look like I have a little eye shadow on.
  • Baby fine hairs on my upper cheek bones – this may sound crazy, but when I sleep, my eyes tear a bit. So the product must have trickled down my cheeks via my tears. The hairs were so baby-fine I could only see them under direct bright lights. A little Nair took care of this.

After LATISSE with mascara

Now that my lashes are longer and thick, I am going to try using the product 2 – 3 times per week to save on cost.  I am almost out of my first bottle, so will need to purchase my next one at full price – although coupons are often available on the LATISSE website – they obviously want to get people hooked.


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