Put Your Best Body Forward Part III: Hair Removal

October 18, 2010 at 9:31 pm | Posted in Body Care, Skincare | 1 Comment
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A smooth, hair-free body is beautiful! And there are many ways to remove unwanted hair.

I sing the praises of laser hair removal. After 5-6 sessions, hair removal is (nearly) permanent. Four years after lasering my underarms, I occasionally have to shave (once a month). I should probably do one more round of the laser to zap this last cycle of hair growth.

If you’re ethnic skin toned, make sure the laser is safe for darker pigmentation. If not, it can leave dark spots everywhere it zapped (and there are dozens of zaps over a body area). There are also lasers designed for blondes, red-heads and gray hair.

I highly recommend getting the service done at a medical spa headed by a physician — NOT at the mall. Prices vary widely by city and venue. For underarms, plan on about $100-$150 per session. You can often get a discount when purchasing sessions in a package. Appointments are spaced 2-3 months apart, to allow for new hair growth, so helps with the budget.

If I had the money, I would do laser hair treatment from the face down (hopefully someday). In the meantime, I use Nair to remove arm hair yes, you should have smooth, hair-free arms! Nair is also good for the bikini line. I use a razor for legs and (I shouldn’t admit this) for facial hair on my upper lip. There is a Nair Face Cream, but I find it leaves my skin broken out.

Be warned, laser hair treatment does hurt a bit, but is tolerable and so worth it. Remember, hair-free girls have more fun 🙂


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