Is Vitamin D Really a Weight Loss Wonder Drug?

October 15, 2010 at 10:25 am | Posted in Anti-Aging, Body Care, Fitness | Leave a comment
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Take a look at the new Oprah Magazine cover story and you might think so — it claims vitamin D can help you “lose weight, fight the flu, beat depression, even live longer.” Really!? Actually, I also think so.

In the “My Ray of Beauty” equation, one-fourth of beauty is fitness, which is a challenge with a ravenous appetite, blah feelings and low energy.

A couple of years ago I had these issues and my doctor prescribed a high level of vitamin D for a few weeks (levels can be read during routine blood work for a physical exam). I take a maintenance dose of about 3000 IU per day.

I was skeptical, but found it does make a difference.  Not a “day-to-night” change but noticeable, like it takes the edge off my hunger before I eat that whole bag of chips (love Tim’s Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips).

On days that I seem more tired and hungry, I often realize, “Aha, I forgot to take my vitamin D the past few days.”

All of us living in the northern U.S. are likely deficient in this sunshine vitamin. Blame the combo of not getting enough sun naturally and slathering on sunscreen when the rays are out.

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