Score! Good Makeup Brushes for $1.67

September 14, 2010 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Makeup | 1 Comment
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On a trip this week I found myself without eyebrow or concealer brushes. Panic!!! After a few deep breaths I resolved to make do without a concealer brush (ring finger), however it’s near impossible to find a stand-in applicator for Smashbox Brow Tech. I realize this may sound absurd to you non makeup junkies 🙂 

Multi-tasking with an eyeshadow brush left my brows an odd plum hue from the color transfer.

I ventured to CVS and purchased a travel set of 6 brushes by Essence of Beauty for $9.99 in a reusable pouch. I had extremely low expectations and was blown away by the quality and performance at just $1.67 a brush! Add a few individual brushes and a complete set is under $25! By comparison, my favorite MAC brushes are $20-$50 each.

Who Should Buy? Travelers, makeup junkies who touch-up color in the day, frugalista’s who want good brushes that don’t break the bank, tweens and teens starting their brush collection

Essence of Beauty Travel Kit Face

  1. Conceal: Not what it’s meant for, but it worked awesome to lay down eyeshadow
  2. Eyeshadow: Perfectly applied shadow in the crease
  3. Eyeliner: I used this to precisely apply concealer instead of the Conceal brush
  4. Smudge: I tried using this to line with shadow but it didn’t pick up enough color; worked fine to smudge already applied liner/shadow
  5. Blush: I really liked the smaller size for a more definite color application
  6. Powder: The bristles were a bit rough, but worked fine

Upon arriving home I washed the brushes (truly expecting the bristles to fall out) and they held up well.

I still wouldn’t part with my MAC brushes, but Essence of Beauty earned a permanent spot in my traveling makeup bag. I’ll let you know how they wear over time.

Essence of Beauty is exclusive to CVS and available in-store or online. Stay tuned for my must-have individual brushes.

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  1. Finally brushes I can justify the spend for! These probably beat what I have.. 🙂 I’ll have to definitely make the purchase.

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