Can an Eyeshadow Enhance Your Eye Color?

August 30, 2010 at 7:46 am | Posted in Makeup | 2 Comments
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L'Oreal Color Smoke Shadows for All Eye Colors (Left) and Brown Eyes (Right)


Have you noticed that practically every drugstore makeup line has eyeshadow customized by eye color? Even my favorite line Mally Beauty recently launched an eyeshadow trio created to amplify eye color. According to Mally, the number one request she receives from celebrities and others is to “bring out my eyes.” 

I tried three enhancing options for brown-eyed girls and my friend Karin was kind enough to model a green-eyed look. All seemed to live up to the hype, though a couple outperformed the others.  

So, can eyeshadow ‘bring out’ your eye color? Yes! The difference is subtle, but I was pleased with the results, especially the N.Y.C. for brown eyes and Cover Girl for green eyes (would also look really pretty with brown eyes).   

N.Y.C. Custom Compact for Brown Eyes


N.Y.C. Custom Compact in Union Square for Brown Eyes: Hands-down, my favorite of the three I tried and possibly the best $4.47 I’ve ever spent on makeup! The shadow pigment rivals department store brands and it comes with an illuminator, plus a primer that did a nice job keeping my shadow intact. 

N.Y.C. Custom Compact for Brown Eyes


L’Oreal Color Smokes Shadows for Brown Eyes: I like the lavender/plum colors, though the darkest shade goes on almost black. I wish the lighter shadows were more pigmented, as I layered quite a bit to intensify color.   

L'Oreal Color Smokes for Brown Eyes


L’Oreal Color Smokes Shadows for All Eyes: A dramatic look that was the least eye color enhancing of all the options, but a nice quad of silver to black shades that is perfect for a night on the town. 

L'Oreal Color Smokes for All Eye Colors


Cover Girl Exact Eyelights for Green Eyes: This eye brightening system with shadow, liner and mascara promises “4X brighter eyes.” The pinks and plums really brought out the green in Karin’s eyes (hard to see on camera). I was disappointed with the Vivid Ruby liner, which was just dark brown, though it did have great staying power. 

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights for Green Eyes


Cover Girl Exact Eyelights for Green Eyes


What do you think?     

N.Y.C., L’Oreal and Cover Girl can be purchased at drugstores. Watch for sales, I was able to score a BOGO and 40% off! 

Cover Girl photo from Cover Girl online. 


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