Golden Arches: Shape the Perfect Eyebrows

August 16, 2010 at 11:50 pm | Posted in Makeup, Skincare | 1 Comment
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Anastasia Brow Stencils, I use medium

One of life’s pleasures has to be McDonald’s fries, but today’s post is about the other golden arches: eyebrows.

Brows frame the face and create balance (or imbalance). I get a professional brow waxing a few times per year. I’ve tried many salons, but keep coming back to the Anastasia counter at Nordstrom. Anastasia is the “Hollywood brow artist” (BTW, Kim Kardashian has the most requested brow look in the U.S., which is Anastasia’s signature high arch). The counter consultants are trained in the Anastasia style.

Anastasia brow waxing service is pricey at $30. So, I maintain at home in-between appointments. Creating perfectly shaped brows at home, however, is not a job for the free-handed.

Stencils are a must. The pieces of pliable plastic have cutouts in various shapes. Find a size that closely matches, fill-in with brow powder (or eyeshadow), remove the stencil and tweeze around the powder. Voila! A perfectly shaped brow.

Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette with Angle Brush

Many brands offer stencils. I own Anastasia Stencils, which are $20 for a set of 5 arch shapes (one has been added since I bought my set): Petite, Slim, High, Medium and Full.

Fill-in sparse brows from over-tweezing with an eyebrow pencil or powder. I like Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette, which has a color powder and separate wax for grooming hairs. It’s a good match with my brow shade (a bit dark, so I use a light hand) and lasts all day. The Brow Tech was recently relaunched as a trio with an extra color for mixing.

For the guys: Tame unruly brows by spritzing hairspray on an old toothbrush and groom hairs into place

Revlon Brow Enhancer in Medium Brown

A good all-in-one product is Revlon Color Stay tinted wax (and highlighter for accentuating underneath the brow). The Medium Brown is a bit lighter than my brow and has less pigment, so looks more natural. I like the quick one-step, especially on busy mornings. Though, I find myself reaching for the Smashbox most often, preferring the color intensity and definition.

Top: Smashbox Bottom: Revlon

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