Is a Drugstore Foundation Match Possible?

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The perfect foundation is difficult, dare I say impossible, to match at a drugstore. How can you pick the right color and texture from a sealed package? Admittedly, I am prestige brand foundation snob simply because of the trial factor.

 However, in recent years some drugstores have become more flexible with return policies on opened makeup, so I am gingerly treading into new territory. Note emphasis on some stores: do not attempt a Target return, however Bartell, Walgreens and Rite Aid are return-friendly though be prepared to wait for a manager’s approval.

Shiny t-zone after 6 hrs of wear

I tried Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation because of the promise of “up to 12 HRS Shine Control.” The product is oil-free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic — music to my ears! And it includes botanical extracts meant to soothe sensitive skin. 

The Verdict

The shine control is minimal, I get about 6 hrs of wear before my oil slick starts and the foundation starts sliding off my face. This is about an extra 2 hours of wear than normal. 

Soft Beige swatch on my inner arm

It took 3 attempts before landing on the right shade (and there are only 6!). I started with the darkest and worked lighter (it’s ridiculous there aren’t shades for darker skin tones). Sand is a bit too dark, especially when the color warms up. Classic Beige is too pink. Soft Beige appears too light, but absorbs o.k. and it blends with my lighter neck. I would be happiest if there was an option one shade darker.

Yes, I could mix the Soft Beige with Sand but that is too much work, even for me:-) I dust Mally Beauty Believable Bronzer all-over to give warmth.

The consistency is light to medium with buildable coverage that nicely covers imperfections. I like to thin out the foundation with a damp sponge or brush for a tinted moisturizer effect, applying more to problem areas.

This is not a foundation for everyone, but if you can find a color match and have oily, sensitive skin, it’s worth a try.

Rimmel Stay Matte retails for about $6.99. Watch for sales in the drugstore weekly circulars.


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