The Right Hair Brush: Splurge and Steal

August 1, 2010 at 8:43 pm | Posted in Hair | 3 Comments
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Kashuk Tools Hair Brush

Celebrity hairstylists and fashionistas swear by the Mason Pearson “Popular” hair brush. Someday I may own this brush — a splurge at $150. But until then, I found a cheaper fix that looks and feels like my coveted one.

Kashuk Tools Bristle Hair Brush is sold at Target for $14.99. Like the Mason Pearson, bristles are a combination of natural boar and synthetic nylon. The paddle has a supple cushion and the handle is contoured to comfortably fit hands.

Do you brush or comb wet hair? Brushing wet hair is safe and can even be better than a comb, which is rigid and may break fragile strands. Make sure the brush has ‘give.’

The Kashuk brush nicely smoothes tresses, massages the scalp and leaves a head full of shiny strands. It can be used for daily styling or blow-drying. Pick up the brush in the cosmetics section of Target as part of the Sonia Kashuk line.

I also really like the Diane #1037 paddle brush. This is a favorite at my salon and delivers a terrific blow-dry. It seems to grab and detangle the hair better than other nylon pin brushes. Diane can be found at beauty supplies and online (Amazon and others) for $5-$10.

I blow-dry with the Diane brush and style everyday with the Kashuk.

Clean brushes 1x per month by swishing in warm soapy water 


Photos from Target and Diane



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  1. $150 is a lot for a brush, for me at least.
    But thank you so much for posting this up!!
    Now I know more about hair brushes..

    I hardly ever, more like never wash my hair brushes!!
    A lot of us overlooked this part I guess.
    And your post reminded me that I should!!

  2. Something you may be interested in.. or watch the review on YouTube –

    Pretty innovative, I thought of sharing it with you =)

    • Very cool brush! And the HollyAnnaEree site has great videos. Thanks for sharing:-)

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