Take the Right Step with a Good Pedometer

July 15, 2010 at 12:00 pm | Posted in Fitness | 1 Comment
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I walk a lot. To manage weight, clear my head from life stresses, reduce my carbon footprint (leave my SUV in the garage) or spend quality time with a friend (or dog). I was positive I walked the 10,000 steps per day recommended by many health experts. Boy was I wrong!

Did you know? The Japanese word for pedometer is “manpo-kei,” which means “10,000 steps meter.”

A friend gave me an Omron Walking Style II pedometer and harsh reality immediately set-in: I wasn’t walking far or fast enough. To meet 10,000 steps every day, especially at the recommended aerobic level — I need to walk roughly an hour at a rapid pace EVERYDAY. Whew!

The easy part was setting up the Omron pedometer. It was even easier to use: a smart sensor accurately counts steps from my purse, pocket, sideways or straight-up. The large display quickly shows steps, miles, aerobic pace, calories burned and time of day. At midnight the display zeroes out, setting a fresh start for a new day. However, stats are stored in memory for 7 days for easy reference.

My pedometer has become a personal trainer…challenging me to walk further, faster and tracking my progress. I can’t cheat because numbers don’t lie. And I like using it, it adds a fun element to exercise. 

Tip: Remove pedometer from pocket before washing. I learned this lesson the hard way.

I hadn’t regularly used a pedometer in the past because I found them to be difficult to set-up, annoyingly flimsy and only work if perfectly positioned on a waistband. However, I love the Omron and it works great (except when washed!). The Omron pedometer can be purchased for about $30 at the Omron site, Amazon and other online retailers.

Photo from Omron Web site.


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  1. I totally agree. It is an acountability partner that is always with you. Some nights just before bed I am walking stairs in order to get to my 10,000. It makes me think about how I spend my time. Last year I would sit at the park while the kids play, this year I walk around the park while they play, not fast but still moving. A wonderful tool.

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