Hit and Miss at Sally Beauty Supply

July 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Makeup | 2 Comments
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The Hit!

A journey to Sally Beauty Supply resulted in a new favorite joining my makeup bag: Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer. My eyeshadow stayed (nearly) creaseless all day, an amazing feat for my oily eyelids! The primer is silicone-based but feels drier, which I like because it seems to grab eyeshadow color and liner better. As a bonus, it includes good-for-your skin vitamins A, C and E. 

A sponge wand applicator lays down the color, which I blend with MAC brush #217. The consistency is light and the color dries fairly sheer. On the downside, I had to work harder to blend my eyeshadow, as the base wasn’t as smooth as my all time favorite MAC Paint. But at half the price ($7.99), it’s nothing a few lighter layers won’t solve 🙂 

Palladio eyeshadow primer on right; bare eyelid on left


The Miss

I also picked up Palladio Rice Paper oil-absorbing blotting tissues. One side of the tissue is a rice starch powder in Natural, Warm Beige or Translucent. Flip it over for plain rice paper. I am a fan of Shiseido Pureness oil-control sheets ($17 for 100 sheets), but have been searching for a budget option. At $3.99 for 40 sheets, Palladio is the right price. 


  • Dual-sided tissue options
  • Love the sheet dispenser, similar to the Post-it Notes holder: pull just one tissue at a time and the next in line is primed for delivery. Genius!


  • Thick tissue made it difficult to maneuver the contours of my face
  • Removed my makeup along with the oil
  • Translucent powder left a white residue on my tan skin. One of the color choices might help.

For me, the cons outweighed the pros. However, those with light skintones looking to absorb oily shine and who wear little to no makeup should give it a try. It would also be ideal for guys.



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  1. hmm. m.a.c. paints are also my favorite primer. I have every one except for hot and sour. Too bad they have whittled it down to only 5 or so non colorful choices.. however, i love sally beauty. I will definitely pick up this primer now that you’ve said it was good. Also the Seche Vite fast dry top coat for nails is extremely good. I was also impressed by the $1 sally girl nail polishes. While they aren’t high end, they are still a fun way to experiment without breaking the bank.

    • Thanks for the tips, I also like Seche Vite and will have to try the sally girl polishes. BTW, I saw your eye makeup application post and am going to try starting with crease color. I haven’t done this, but your eye makeup looks are amazing.

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