Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves: 10. The Perfect Pink Lip

June 3, 2010 at 11:48 pm | Posted in Anti-Aging, Beauty Must-Haves, Makeup | 3 Comments
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A pink lip complements all skin shades and tones. It’s also a fast fix to look more youthful, as dark lipstick makes us look older. My quest for the perfect pink lip borders on obsession. I must own 30 shades of pink lipstick and gloss (after donating a stash to my nieces). And I have personally tried on hundreds more pink lip products at the makeup counter.

Mally French Kiss Lipstick with MAC Pink Treat Liner

My hero product: Mally Beauty lipstick in French Kiss. It is a light-medium pink (no sparkle) with a rosy hue that looks beautiful on many skin shades. It’s fairly sheer on its own, so I like to define the lip with MAC Pink Treat liner. Rarely do I re-purchase a lipstick color, yet I’m on my third tube of French Kiss. I am loving this lipstick!  

MAC Sweetie with Morning Glory Gloss

Runner-up: MAC Sweetie lipstick (medium rosy pink with shimmer) topped with Morning Glory gloss.

In full disclosure I still bee-line it to the lipstick display at the store whenever I spot a new pink color; you never know?!).

Where to find? Mally is sold at Henri Bendels in NYC, QVC, or online; MAC is sold at Nordstrom, some Macy’s, MAC stores, and online.



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  1. OMG…I must go have a makeover to find the perfect pink lipstick. I have none…but lots of “make me look old” wine colors. Wine colors, good, looking old, not so much.

  2. I was inspired by tips in the book “How not to look old.” Check out the difference a lighter lip makes on celebs!

  3. […] so gorgeous — a light to medium pink with a hint of peachy shimmer. This is on-par with the Top 10 Must-Have pink lip color, French Kiss. The clear shade moisturizes, but not so much that your lipstick slides off. I’ve […]

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