Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves: 7. Diamonique Jewelry

May 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm | Posted in Beauty Must-Haves, Jewelry, QVC | 1 Comment
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What girl doesn’t like diamonds? A little sparkle lights up the face and makes us feel pretty.

Real diamonds aren’t in my budget (though gifts are graciously accepted:)) so thankfully QVC sells Diamonique: fabulous fakes at a fraction of the price. For example, the line offers over 300 items under $50. Side-by-side, Diamonique looks like my real diamonds, sometimes even better.

Wear a classic piece, such as lever back earrings or a tennis bracelet, or layer it with a designer cuff or medallion reminiscent of Madison Avenue in NYC. It’s fun to mix and match!

Diamonique stones are sized by carat and set in precious metal. If you love white metal, look for sterling silver and platinum-plated pieces. Yellow gold lovers can choose 14K or 18K solid gold or gold-plated. Plating gives the look of real at a much more affordable price. My collection includes solid and plated pieces and both are gorgeous.

In my experience, simulated stones are not created equal. I have faux diamonds from other shopping channels and department stores that aren’t as real-looking or well-made. On the other hand, I’ve had Diamonique pieces for 15 years that still look beautifully clear and brilliant.

Only a jeweler will know for sure.

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  1. […] – the only one of this year — with new items, sale prices and designer collections. This line of fabulous fakes is on my list of Top 10 Must-Haves for its beautiful style and brilliance, adding sparkle that only a jeweler will know for […]

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